The KCK Journey

The nostalgic safari to rediscover the
taste and ingredients of your mother's kitchen

The Tale of KCK, an interior designer, an event manager and achef. The trio set out on a magical
journey across the length and breadth of Kerala to explore authentic Malayali cuisine made with love.

Heating the pan

On a rainy Chennai evening, Augustine Kurian and John Paul were chatting with chef Regi Mathew, an expert in ethnic and traditional Kerala cuisine, over chaya and pazhampori. Who knew some businesses start like that. One topic led to another and thus was born KAPPA CHAKKA KANDHARI. A creation to showcase ethnic Kerala cuisine. So when these three Malayalis decided to take the plunge into their mother's kitchen, it was the beginning of a deliciously wonderful journey.

Pouring oil

They travelled the length and breadth of Mallu land, to experience culinary delights made with love. They visited home cooks, understood and imbibed the secrets of their cooking, and put together recipes to take us back in time. The experiences they had and the knowledge they gathered were so immense that they had to share it with their friends, family and food lovers across the world.

Spicing it up

Kappa Chakka Kandhari was conceptualized as a platform for recipes from Kerala home cooks to showcase their untapped skills and heirloom dishes to the world. They tried and tested over 200 traditional recipes across cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Dubai catering to over 100,000 people to find what people loved the most.

Garnish & Serve

The three of them have been brought up on the firm belief that happiness is homemade and every bite should take you back home to your mother's cooking. They were fortunate to grow up eating amazing food and want to share that with the world. The glue that holds a Chef, an Interior Designer and an Event Manager together is the manifestation of their mother’s love and the food they relished growing up.

Meet the Team

The three of them have been brought up on the firm belief that happiness is
homemade and every bite should bring back memories of your mother's cooking.

John Paul
Regi Mathew
Augustine Kurian