Kappa Chakka Kandhari

Kappa Chakka Kandhari aims to preserve authentic flavours,
and explore new tastes while celebrating tradition.

Stemming from the founders’ desire to revive the foods they grew up eating, this restaurant is the realisation of an emotional longing for the simple, hearty food their mothers put on the table.

Kappa Chakka Kandhari goes deep into regional food in a way hitherto never done before. Each recipe has been sourced from a network of home-cooks and toddy shop chefs that have been the faithful guardians of these recipes, preserving the authentic tastes and flavours of Kerala.

From the northern beaches of the Malabar, to the inventive food of plantation estates, and the wholesome warmth of south Kerala cuisine, Kappa Chakka Kandhari brings ingredients and unique techniques from Kerala to the rest of the world.

The menu can be broadly divided into well-loved Kerala favourites; specialties from home kitchens that evoke an unmistakable sense of place and time; and finally, dishes with their roots in tradition, that carry exciting innovations by the chef. Dishes are presented in a small-plate format, conducive to sharing and sampling extensively from the menu.
Welcome to our world!